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精神上的逃离到Shirdi Sai Baba和我开始街头摄影

"Om Sai Ram""

shirdi sai baba darshan

有良善善良的人为人类做了卓越的工作,还有圣洁程度非凡的人,他们的生活,哲学以一种新的方式触动了人类的生活,who had successfully lead us to the righteous path of达摩and moksha.

Shirdi的Sai Baba就是其中之一,the holy saint who championed the idea of One God –Sabka Maalik Ek(There is only one GOD who governs all)"我个人相信这句话。他的生活中几乎没有任何文件,但人们认为他生活在1835-1918年间,创造了奇迹,二、物化,body transcending,levitation and so on,受到来自各宗教和各行各业的人们的尊敬。

shirdi sai darshan

他公开反对宗教正统,他的教义和精神实践结合了印度教和伊斯兰教的元素。He had advocated this three laws of Nishta ( Perseverance) Shraddha (Devotion) and Saburi (Patience) and asked his disciples and devotees to keep performing their worldly duties,regardless of the hardships in their life.

Though I do not have religious bent of mind,but whenever opportunity arises to visit this little town of Shirdi,我们去了那里。从孟买到Shirdi(大约5小时路程)的公路旅行也为您提供了一个欣赏Sahyadri美丽风景的机会。溪流,rivers,hills,ghats… glimpses of lives in the hinterlands of Maharashtra,neem dotted country roads and so on.

shirdi sai baba mandir darshan

印度的大多数寺院镇都以杂乱无章的嘈杂声为特征。但是Shirdi不同。组织得很好,很和平。即使每天在艾哈迈德纳加尔这个小镇,经历了数百万次的失足,but I never had any bad experiences,不像其他地方,没有混乱,everything is streamlined,为了从远方来到这里的成千上万的信徒的利益。


我总是发现自己在一个宁静的地方,surround by calm and tranquility whenever I visit Shirdi.唱赞美诗和咒语的旋律,the heady smell of incense,the divine taste of prasadam all contributes to a truly divine experience.


寺院及其房屋内禁止摄影,so I took some photographs of the town itself and this was also my first time to try my hand at street photography.

街头摄影有一些吸引人和磁性元素。Apart from landscape,自从我对摄影产生了浓厚的兴趣之后,这种摄影风格就一直吸引着我。but being a shy person,在繁忙的街道上拿出相机,我从来没有感到舒服过。But this time,I just took some random shots in and around the Sai Baba temple without giving it another thought.




在印度,brass ware are commonly used in bells,寺庙仪式和家庭仪式。Any temple towns are hence typically marked by the numerous stalls selling these beautiful brass wares.So,as a food blogger and photographer,这也是我的黄金机会,为我的博客带回家一些道具,and they are quite cheaper than the prices in metropolis.



Stay blessed,,



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