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女王不需要任何介绍。She is every gourmand's dream and fantasy.Plethora of works has been dedicated to her,she has inspired the artists,has inflamed the passion of writers,moviemakers and invigorate the dreams and hopes of common man,在季风期间。Yet she is elusive,她很热情,an emotion,epitome of cultural identity as well as gastronomy.

She is Hilsa,the queen of fish.闪亮的银色皮肤,带有典型的粉红色条纹。The versatility of ilish is heart of culinary lore in Bengal and Bangladesh.And now has become subject of culinary experiments among the chefs with strong Bong genes.

You can smear it with pungent mustard paste and it will allure you more.Stew it in rich and mildly flavoured coconut milk,or simply with yogurt base,它会以其高尚的品味吸引你。


But some recipes are synonymous with Ilish,like this bhapa ilish.经典而永恒。

A slightly coarse mustard paste with hiss of green chilies,少量的姜黄粉,这是一种仪式而不是一种成分和良好的芥末油细雨的辛辣。

Equal to contentment.Inner Peace.

Bhapa ilish can be prepared in different ways.The age old practice is to wrap the fish inside the gourd leaves or banana leaves,然后,这些捆得整整齐齐的小包将被放在一大盆新蒸熟的米饭里,里面夹着蒸汽。这就是我奶奶做伊利什薄纱的方法。

I do it slightly differently and am sure people of my generation follows this simple method.把髂骨装在一个密封的钢盒子里,用高压锅蒸。

Saves time.Saves fuel.Saves life.

Try the recipe only if you can tolerate the heightened pungency of mustard paste,our own sorshe bata.
速成课程”how to eat wasabi"won't help you here .

bhapa ilish.Steamed Hilsa
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  • Hilsa / Ilish : 4-6 pieces
  • 芥末酱:12汤匙(见“如何制作芥末酱”)。
  • Green chillies : 3-4 cut from the middle
  • Mustard oil : 2 ladle full or may be less if you want
  • 盐:只要一点
  • Turmeric powder : a large pinch
  1. Wash the Ilish fish once.许多人不喜欢洗鱼,因为它会清除血液和油脂。
  2. 拿一个带盖子的大铁盒,把鱼片放好,涂上姜黄盐和芥末酱,整齐地挨在一起。Stacking one upon another might break the fish while serving.
  3. 把剩下的芥末酱倒进去,芥末油和鱼上的青椒。
  4. Tightly close the lid and steam the fish in a steamer or pressure cooker or over water bath for 10-15 minutes.
  5. 和清蒸米饭一起上桌。
How to make mustard paste - Soak 25 gm yellow mustard seeds and 5gm black mustard seeds for an hour.
用2-3个绿色辣椒磨碎芥末种子。depending upon the hotness you prefer with a pinch of salt and turmeric.

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