一道带有少许基本香料的乡村咖喱鸡菜,but with a technique that is so distinctive of British cuisine in general,was hugely popular chicken curry among Anglo Indian communities of then Calcutta.

With time this country captain chicken curry had metamorphosed into something new and imaginative,with creamy gravy adorned with almonds and pistachios (one school of thought claimed this version as original,but the historical facts does not comply with this),that has little or no connection with the original one.

Most of the Anglo-Indian heritage recipes are lost with time,除了孟加拉和孟加拉国的一些地区,没有明确的文件,they still exists in some form as a relic of the imperial colonial past.

Before heading towards the recipe,here is a little piece of history that will shed enough light on – how country captain chicken curry originates and why it used to be cooked like this and not the other ways.


"16世纪初,strange things began to happen on Bengal shores.从亚洲寻找香料最终把葡萄牙人带到了卡利克特的印度海岸。Few decades later those carracks moved eastward,进入孟加拉湾。

当地人敬畏,kind of reverential mixed feelings of amusement and horror.Horror because they brought with themselves"never before seen objects",objects of religious nature,food,wine,醋,尤其是他们说的那些奇怪的语言。They were not the regular Arab traders as evident by their fair skin and blue eyes.他们是不同的。

They were the Portuguese.The first Europeans to land on the Bengal shores.

The conquests of Malacaa paved inroads into the Bay of Bengal for the Portuguese,and many came as private merchants boarded in Moorish ships in pursuit of rice and textiles.Two decades later,official envoy of fleet of four ships from Goa moored on the shores of Bengal.The increase commerce brought many peoples from bureaucrats,merchants,missionaries to pirates and soon Portuguese trading posts began to flourish along the shores.当时的孟加拉苏丹把土地授予葡萄牙商人,at one of the important ports of Bengal,吉大港。

但是吉大港一直是孟加拉苏丹和南部阿拉坎帝国之间争论的焦点,Burmese king of North and Tripura.

With the unification of Iberian Peninsula between Kingdoms of Portugal and Spanish crowns,many things began to change which eventually shift the course of Bengal adventures for these Portuguese.贸易商人现在基本上是靠自己,not bounded by the laws of any governor.Bay of Bengal in those days was hotbed for pirates of all nationalities,Arakanese,Portuguese,Dutch and sometimes French too.

吉大港绿油油的丘陵地带被葡萄牙人和阿拉坎帝国掠夺,试图把吉大港作为阿拉坎帝国的一部分。部落MOG/MAWG在葡萄牙的船上被绑架和奴役。But the reputation of these mogs as"food wizards"取代了其他一切,很快他们被任命为葡萄牙船上的厨师。Mogs quickly learned the cooking techniques of their master,用醋和罗望子在菜中引起酸味,so that it can stay good for long,以及传统的鱼肉炖菜,在船上的食品储藏室里只能提供有限的原料,很快就掌握了葡萄牙人烹饪的艺术。


在英国的监管下,这些大亨学会了如何烘焙和烘焙,就像早期的船舶饼干。他们也是劫持不同美食和文化食谱的专家,like Muslim boatmen's country fowl recipe (that famous goalando steamer curry),他们自己的英国大师的食谱和烹饪技巧,that eventually get mixed with their indigenous flavours,又做了一道全新的菜,尝起来有点酸味,这是他们葡萄牙人过去的遗物。


术语”“国家”in the dish's title possibly refer to then British EIC trade ships,or the"“国家”曾在孟加拉邦和缅甸之间通过胡格利河运行的内河汽船,他们的船长被称为国家队长”or kountry kooptan and this particular dish made with country fowl or duck was supposedly a popular item on the menu at the Captain's table.

The famous IGN (Indian General Navigation) – RSN (River System Navigation) Country captain chicken curry along with cream of chicken soup,油炸贝克提和焦糖蛋羹是那些经常在Goalundo(达卡)和Goalundo(钱德布尔)航线之间穿梭的轮船菜单上的常见菜肴,如Ashok Mitra在1940-1947年出版的《独立:印度公务员回忆录》中所提到的,这证实了这一说法。


Country Captain Chicken Curry - An Anglo Indian Recipe from History
Anglo Indian country captain chicken curry is one of those heritage recipes from colonial times.A very rustic chicken curry made with few spices.
配方类型: 午餐
美食: 盎格鲁印第安人
Serves: 4
  • 鸡/国鸡:1公斤
  • 姜汁:2汤匙
  • Garlic paste : 1 tbsp
  • Red Onions : 3 big sliced
  • 姜黄粉:1茶匙
  • Red chilli powder : 2 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Refined oil : 4-5 tbsp or as required
  • Black peppercorns : 5-6
  • 肉桂棒:2根
  • Cloves : 4-5
  • 干红辣椒:2个切碎
  • Tamarind water : ½ cup (optional)
  1. Wash and clean the chicken very well.
  2. 现在用盐腌鸡肉,姜黄,红辣椒粉,ginger paste,蒜酱一小时左右。
  3. Heat the oil in a pan,把切好的洋葱炒成浅棕色。
  4. Add the marinated pieces of chicken and roast the pieces till nicely browned from all sides.
  5. 这大约需要20分钟。
  6. Once browned.添加列出的其他成分,add 2 cups water,bring to boil.
  7. Cover and cook till done.
  8. 可搭配英式印度黄米或白米食用。

这个食谱是从Bridget White Kumar's recipe book.有些版本也使用番茄。当时番茄很贵,and was largely an import product.So I doubt that would be readily available on steamers and ships.

我在食谱里加了罗望子水,正如《食品史》中提到的那样"Calcutta Cookbook"".Tamarind gives a very distinct  touch to the dish,像许多其他带有酸味的英式印度菜肴一样。Roasting the meat is a technique which is integral to traditional British cuisine and in this recipe,roasting brings out a distinct flavour to the dish.所以不要跳过这一部分。

Country captain chicken curry had traveled all the way from Indian shores to America in mid 19th century  and the story goes that the ship's captain had possibly introduced this dish to southerners via the port of Savannah or Charleston.在美国,这个食谱有了很大的改变,甜椒和杏仁一起加入,raisins and later cream also.现在它被认为是南方的经典之一。






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