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Homemade hot chilli garlic sauce and forget your sriracha

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Long before the world declares its undying love for Sriracha,the rooster sauce from California,the quiet dingy lanes in the tanneries of erstwhile Calcutta was silently cooking up pot of hot garlic sauce which in due course of time has transformed the regular chicken,prawns and pork dishes to taste extraordinaire.虽然热度太高了,不适合甜蜜的爱情巴布斯of Kolkata but none the less it was able to make a lasting impression on the culinary trails of Indo Chinese cuisine.

Much like California gold rush,eighties saw the rise of US's most loved hot sauce till date – the Sriracha that acquired a cult status among the barbecue loving nation.Some even emphasised that it is the best thing ever happened after the sliced bread.Not many moons ago I too was Sriracha addict,for every reason or every occasion I had served Sriracha with almost everything,even that means smearing it on plain toasted bread.It is futile and difficult to argue with Sriracha addicts,the sauce that soon engulfed the food scenario of a nation and invent so many dishes .


But when you are deprived of your daily dose of Sriracha,the alternatives arises.It was extremely difficult to give up the Sriracha addiction but the new homemade version of hot garlic sauce charmed us in more than one ways.

200多年前,当第一批中国移民移居到胡利河东岸时,make阿奇布尔their home,they might not have realised it then that in the coming century,这一步的迁徙将彻底改变印度的烹饪环境。印度中餐的发源地。

Later from the shores of Hooghly the Chinese settlers migrated to the city of Calcutta,small settlements of Chinese shoemakers,carpenters,dentist began to pop up in Bentick street,Burrabazar'sAphing chowrasta(opium junction) and later a proper China Town,该国的第一个同类开始发展在蒂雷塔集市。Decades later,on the eastern fringes of the city another China Town evolves – Tangra,to which every Kolkattan makes a yearly or monthly if you say so pilgrimage to chow on the hakka,manchurians,蒸汽包和热蒜猪肉。

While Sriracha has its roots set deep in the coastal city of Si Racha in Thailand,this Indo-Chinese version of hot garlic sauce could be India's answer to the global hot sauce quest.The type of chillies used in the sauce made all the difference.不管你是用干的中国红辣椒还是用新鲜的泰国鸟眼辣椒,the sauce will remain fiery hot.So use the chilies as per your tolerance level,if it has gone beyond your limit then cool it down with white vinegar.Now like me if you too had a big bottle of fish sauce stocked in your pantry for months,then use it here.Else you can skip this.最后也是最重要的,use peanut or sesame oil for the extra flavor.

你自己的热蒜酱准备好了,and now you can make Sriracha feel jealous.

References: Indo Chinese cuisine history details –""The Calcutta Cookbook"by Minakshi Das Gupta

Homemade hot chilli garlic sauce
Cook time
Total time
配方类型: Sauce
Cuisine: Indo-Chinese
Serves: 1杯
  • Garlic (medium size) : 2 heads
  • 红辣椒(干或鲜):20-25
  • Shallots : 2
  • White Vinegar : 2-3 tbsp
  • Sugar : 1 tbsp
  • Peanut or sesame oil : 2-3 tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Fish sauce : 1 tsp (if using)
  1. Peel the cloves of garlic and roast it lightly on a griddle with help of few drops of oil.You can dry roast it too,but with oil it releases a nice garlicy aroma.
  2. If you are using fresh Thai bird eye chilli,then you can chop them and directly proceed with the recipe.
  3. Else if you are using Chinese dried red chilli pepper,then de seed them and soak them in water till they become tender.
  4. 在搅拌机里,拌蒜,red chilli pepper,盐,sugar and vinegar to a fine paste.
  5. 把葱切碎。
  6. Heat the oil lightly,saute the shallots gently till the rawness disappear.
  7. 关了火,加入辣椒蒜酱,blend it well.
  8. Check for salt and sugar.
  9. Add fish sauce if you are using.
  10. 把它搅拌好,静置至少两个小时,然后在食谱中使用。
  11. The waiting time will allow the flavors to mingle well.
因为我喜欢把葱切碎,hence I have not blended it.It gives a crunchy texture to the sauce.
You can add oil without heating it too.
Heating the oil releases the aroma though.

Bangalore has heated up so faster in past few weeks that after sweating in the kitchen for hours,all my energies has drained up for photo shooting.因此,我就尝试了一次。

Hot sauce in hot weather!Who is complaining anyway.

Stay hydrated



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    Sanjay V
    April 29,2014 at 10:35 am

    这个可以存放多长时间?(BNG heat and all) Fridge??

    • Reply
      April 30,2014 at 12:48 pm

      If you want to store it for longer time then keep it in fridge and increase the amount of vinegar and oil in it.醋可以作为防腐剂。Still it will be better to use the sauce within 5 days provided you store it properly.


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        Sanjay V
        April 30,2014 at 4:52 pm


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    Andrew Sales
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    Sounds good,must give this a try.

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    April 1,2015 at 10:04 pm

    我刚做了这个食谱…我只能说哇哦!这味道很好,很辣!Just like the life should be.Bravo and thank you for providing this great recipe for garlic- chilli sauce!!

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      April 2,2015 at 10:29 am

      Thank you so much Kristina for such a wonderful feedback.That just made my day brighter!!

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    July 6,2015 at 4:49 am

    Thank you for posting this recipe.I havern't been able to buy the commercial version here in Mexico where I live for over 5 years and have really missed it.我感激你。

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    Tina Dawson
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    Hey Sukanya,I stumbled on your blog while hunting for a good Indo-Chinese chilli garlic sauce – that little scoop of magic that gives a burst of flavour in stir-frys.I love the way you write,and I'm glad to see quality writing on a food blog.it really is joyful to find serious writing on food.You got yourself a regular reader today.

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      Thank you Tina.你的好话使我的日子阳光明媚。And for inspiring me to write better.

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